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Damascus steel knife with damask pattern

Damascus steel knife with damask pattern

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  • Knives with a Damascus pattern or knives made of Damascus steel are particularly high-quality and durable knives that are characterized by their unique look and excellent sharpness.

  • Damascus steel consists of several layers of different steel alloys that are welded and folded together.

  • This not only gives the knife its characteristic appearance, but also its special sharpness and durability.

  • Damascus steel knives are usually handmade and are made by experienced knife makers.

  • The knives are available in different designs and sizes and are suitable for professional use in the kitchen as well as for private use.

  • The knives are forged by hand and finished with a variety of tools to obtain their unique shape and structure.

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Product Details :

Product Category: Utility Knife
Material: stainless steel
Style: Modern and Simple
Applicable scene: kitchen
Name: Damascus steel knife

4-piece set A, 4-piece set B, 5-piece set A, 5-piece set B, 5-piece set C, 6-piece set A, 6-piece set B